Thursday, May 26, 2011

1861 May 26 Camp Hermitage

Capt A.R. Stringer

Dear Sir you must write to me and
let me know how the Negreros at my house is getting along I
havent heard from home since I left. we are all well and
doing well a great deal better than I anticipated we have
verry good quarters on the South Side of the new fair grounds
in some horse and mules stalls. our Boys complains of not haver
enough drill to do. the Cadets drill them one hour and rest
one from 6 oclock to 12 and from 4 oclock untill 1/2 past 6 oclock

Lieutenant Scott is detailed for spetial duty to morrow as
officer of the guard and he seems to be verry mutch bothered
you will oblige me verry mutch if you can to barrow some
money to send me some 10 or 15 dollars. I have had to spend
all I had for the benefit of some of our Company
some of them had no blankets and we had to by tin cups
plates and water buckets our selves. I wish Mr Masters
was some other officer than Commissary for we have
not received any thing only what we baught ourselves
we have sent the first and third Regiment from
this camp and the seckond will leave in the
morning the first and seckond leave and will go
to Manassas Gap. we are in the fift regiment
without a Colonel we will elect one in a day or
two and then I expect we will leave

I was down town to day and saw on the Dispatch Board that
they were fighting between Old Point and Norfolk at
you must escuse me as I have no place to wright
you will pleas if you can get me[?] the money to send
it as soon as possible. we are ready to fight and we will
do it soon I think Good Bye
Yours Respectfully
John P. Dunnavant

you can get the accounts
of mine and do the best you can
with them

MSS 8998

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