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1861 July 30 Fairfax Station [Virginia]

[to Jennie Warren]

We are still at t his point and
doing nothing and yet I cant get leave of
absence for 3 days Genl Elzy is an
old brute & curses every man that applies
for leave. I applied this morning again and
was refused and apprehending abuse for ma-
king the application. I took the start [?] of
the old dog and commenced abusing him
I gave him my mind plainly & he was as
mum as you please. Capt McDonald the
Genls Adjutant says he thinks I will
get leave in a day or two but I have
no hope--I would not care so much but

[page 2]
I am sick with my old complaint and
dont believe I will get well here--and if
I dont get better in a day or two I will
leave here if I lose my commission
by it. I am as mad as mad can be
and am getting worse--Elzy is a fool
I can make nothing else of him and
if he abuses me as he has done some others
I will cal him to account for it certain.
I saw John Pennybacker about that report
and he denies most emphatically ever
giving circulation to any Report against
me on the contrary says he heard the re-
port and denied it. Try to keep up
your spirits--and be as cheerful as possible
look on the bright side & hope for the best--
Bob Hardesty has resigned & Sprinkel will do so

[page 3]
or be cashiered for cowardice on the Battle
field last Sunday--he behaved very badly
& ought to be drum[m]ed out of the service
Hendesty from all accounts did not do much
better--Pent Bryan will I suppose be captain
he behaved very gal[l]antly--so did Willie H[?]
I would not publish Elzys Report. I [know?] very
little about the report--no one believes it here
all know that we fought like tigers and
behaved as coolly as veterans and with
1500 men repulsed 7500 of which one
regiment was regulars--but for us the day
was lost & Beauregard & Davis both admit
ed it on the field of battle.

We have no news dont expect to move
forward for some days to come and
dont then know in which direction
we are to go. The Yankeys are still in
Alexandria--The Ellsworth Zouaves with
their col[o]n[el] were nearly all killed or
taken prisoners.

Love to all



Fourth Regiment Virginia Volunteers and later Colonel of the 10th Virginia Infantry.

Capt. McDonald: Craig Woodrow McDonald, prior Company E, 13th Va. Infantry
John Pennybacker: John Dyer Pennybacker, Private, Company G, 10th Va. Infantry
Bob Hardesty: Robert L. Hardesty, 1st Lieutenant, Company G, 10th Va. Infantry
Sprinkel: Charles Alexander Sprinkel, Captain, Company G, 10th Va. Infantry
Pent Bryan: Pendleton S. Bryan, 2nd Lieutenant, Company G, 10th Va. Infantry
Willie H: John William Houck, Lieutenant, Company G, 19th Va. Infantry.

[names identified by John Mann IV]

MSS 7786-g

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