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1861 July 26 Camp 13th Regt, Co. D

My dear Lute:

Various are the complaints of human nature

and especially so in these times of dangerous warfare. What

passing strange results upon a mans whole physical

constitution are wrought about by the mental imagina-

tion of dangers & death; shame on old Louisa for producing

such physically fickle sons, lamentable fact! Some of our

men are now in such condition as to be obliged to leave for

home though the “Blues” did not reach the battle field until

the hireling army had retreated before our brave country

men; Oh! for ^‘the’ health of our brave soldiers that our battles may

prove successful, our cause triumphant; through the polite-

ness of our invalids, I may be able to send you this

answer to your last which was gladly recd. on yesterday. From the

newspapers and other sources you have proba[b]ly recd.

full information in regard to the recent battle – near

here in wh. the chivalrous Southerners proved conquerors,

We receive all manner of rumors here by [but] you all will

know certainly more truth about the fight that we when

the officers shall have made official returns. You

can not conceive what immense plunder we obtained

from the rascals in their flight. Every thing you see now

is professed to be a trophy from the vanquished foe.

General Scott with some of the Cabinet were dining at

Centreville not far off but poor fellows, they were com-

pelled to leave their food with wh. was a large quan-

[page 2]

tity of Champagne wh. our fatigued horseman enjoyed

very much; among other rumors that have reached us

from Alexandria one states that old “fuss & feathers’

has been decapitated. I wish it was so; what a

just retribution; what an appropriate punishment;

he proved traitor to one section; treacherous to his native

land & cursed in the eyes of the entire South; how glad

I’d be if now in the decline of his life, having lost his

first (& only) grand battle he wd. be dishonored by the Feder-

alists. It is also rumored that Alexandria has been

evacuated, thus great consternation was caused in the

Federal Capital by the defeat of Manassas; that

Old Abe has resigned, and that there is a general fight

going on in the metropolis; But these are mass [or “mere”] fictions

I [or “&”] imagine any resistance will still be offered our

invincible soldiers. Beauregard wd. have made an

[-] movement Monday but for the terrible rain

wh. poured down all that day. Had the entire forces

under Johnston reached Manassas in time, wh. they

wd. have done but for the collision (result of a Yankee

trick), we might have pursued the fellows into

Washington. But the Gentlemen are ready to

leave. We are in the same quarters & know not when

we will leave. Ed reached us safely yesterday – we

were all delighted to see him, wish Pa had come –

Most of our brave men are well, the cowards are all

getting well & trying to get home. [-] meet with success –

Tell Ashby[?] to come on immediately & bring Dr. Gray & Dr. Shepherd

[The following lines are written perpendicularly over the previous page.]

with him – they can get in if they come soon. I will write to them

shortly – they can meet us in Washington – Be cheerful about our

fates & let us be from you all a few days & the Yankees will all

be whipped. A Yankee letter was found in wh. it was requested

that his wife shd. write to him & direct it to Richmond Va.

Our fellows are getting on well – wd. fight like all the

world if necessary for every where they have been too late. It seems

that the Enemy are dreadfully afraid of the old 13th – they

retreat whenever we approach - Love to all friends in

the place & elsewhere – specifically to Miss Lute Payne, Miss Mattie

Gooch, Miss Daisy, Miss Etta Ham &c &c. I think you ladies

ought to open a Hospital at home specially for those of

the Louisa Blues who have scratches – I went out yesterday

to gather black berries & recd, sevl. wounds in the hand – I have become

considerably sunburned since I reached here & hope to receive my

discharge from Service on application. Please write to us

Hastily And Affl’y Yr Bro.

F. Pendleton Jones.

For another account of Confederate troops drinking captured Union champagne see the letter of "James" below.

MSS 13407

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