Monday, July 30, 2012

1862 July 31 near Warrenton, Va.

[from the diary of Ephraim Wood, Co. C, 13th Massachusetts]

      Thursday    July 31st/62

          Monthly inspection
came off this morning at Seven
O clock, after which I went with
a party of others down to the
Creek to bath.  The creek is a branch
of the Rappadan river, which helps
to form the Rappahannock.
The Water is over our heads, and
it is the best place we have
had for swimming, since leaving
the Potomac
We had no more then got into
the Water, when some one told
us we were wanted back as
soon as possible.  We got back
just in time to fall into
the Ranks.  The Regt was formed
into line and we remained at

Parade rest while the Colonel
read to us the Presidents order.
To day being the day of the burial of
Ex President Martin Van Buren.  All
the troops of the United States
are ordered to Parade at ten oclock
today and from this day for
six months  The Officers have to wear
crape on their left arm, and on their
Swoard, and the Colors of the Several
Regiments, are to have their Co to be
draped in mourning for the period
of  Six Months.  We marched around
the Camp at reversed arms, the
Band playing a Solemn dirge, after
which the Chaplain offered up a prayer
A Salute was fired in morning and
a Gun is to be fired at intervals
intervals of half an hour, till Sun
Set, when our National Salute will
be fired.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12021

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