Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1862 August 1 Harrison's Landing, Va.

 [several portions of writing faded to illegibility]

Harrisons Landing  Aug 1
Dear Father
                        I am back
once more & glad am
I that I am here. I started
sunday afternoon &
got here Wednesday all
safe & sound.  The boys
are all well but a poorer
lot you never saw
they are cheerful. some
singing & playing cards &c
The boys were out on
picket when I got here
they all seemed [very glad?] to
see me & I [?]
some of the boys lost
every thing but gun &
equipments we are near
a swamp but the [?]
sits up so far that it is not so bad

[page 2]
The major asked me
where I had been.  I told
him.  he wanted to know
when I left I told him
soon after the battle of
West Point & that I was
in that battle & came out
of the woods just behind
him & with Cap Whitlock
he thought a moment &
said he did remember
me also the Lieut Col
had some questions to
ask The Col I did not
think that any of the
officers knew me but
a good many did & as I
was passing a tent one of the
Cap. called out, "how are you
Corp Bradley. I told him
well I hoped & steped
up to the door of the tent
& there was the Major Ajt &c

[page 3]
Our Col is acting Briga
dier Gen. he had com-
mand during the last
fight the boys said he
walked rode right in
front his old sword drawn
& placed the Rgt where
he wanted them.  Last
night the Rebs opened
with shot & shell on our
Transports but our men
soon replyed & they had
to leave the shells looked
beautiful as they went
up & came down forming
a curve I lay in my bed
& listened to the music
We are to have West
Point Gaines Hill &
White Oak swamp
inscribed on our flag
The boys all agree in
saying we lost but little

[page 4]
compared to what was at
stake &  that the Rebs lost the
most men.  the last days
fight was very sever an
then our men had set
fire to their liquer but
it did not burn & so the
rebs got drunk our men
formed the cannon on the
brow of a hill that sloped
[fold obliterates this line]
field in front & our batteries
in a half circle they came
out & charged on our batteries
                         & were each time
repulsed with great loss
& they being drunk  rushed
madly on when it was
all foolishness. I think
that we shall stay here some
time they are building brick
ovens & as Parker is ready to
[fold obliterates this line]
may send me a pair of No 7--
[line smeared]
others were broad in the
bottoms long legs an extra sole nailed
on 7s are large for me--one
one pair of socks [?] writing
paper &  [?] [?]
need not send me any money
except [?] as the last $1.00 of that
went [?] [?] We shall be
[?] the reserve this fall & winter
If there is any prospect of drafting why do
[two final lines illegible]
          Resp C.E. Bradley

C.E.. Bradley,  Co. I,  32nd New York

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