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1862 June 1 near Richmond

[from the diary of Samuel Johnson of the 1st Massachusetts Independent Light Battery]

 June 1st

Early this morning the battle which was in
progress yesterday on our left, was recommenced
The fireing continued very heavy until 10. A. M,
when it became more distant and less
severe, by noon it had ceased entirely.
The  battle of yesterday and to day, was
fought at Fair Oak’s some four miles

from Richmond.  The rebs taking advantage
of a terrible storm which had flooded the
valley of the Chickahominy, and had left a
portion of our troops in an exposed
position, attacked them suddenly, (our troops
comprised the corps of Sumner. Heintzel-
man, and Key’s) and after a severe and
desperate conflict, Gen Casey’s Div. which
comprised the first line of battle fell.

[page 32]
back in disorder upon the second line,
thus causing a temporary panic. but
Heintzelman and Kearny rapidly advanced
their columns, and checked the rebs, who
were pouring down in immense force,
Night ended the battle for the day.  the
rebs fell back a short distance to a strong
position, our troops formed new lines,
and placed the Artillery in strong positions
This morning the rebels again attacked
our lines, and although our Artillery
mowed them down by scores, the gaps
were immediately filled with fresh troops:
both sides fought with determination
and gallantry, but the rebs were at last
obliged to retreat in confusion.  Their loss
is enormous.  ours is about 7000 in all.
Jo. Johnston, the rebel Gen in chief, was
wounded in the foot.  Warm and pleasant

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 8493

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