Saturday, October 29, 2011

1861 October 29

[from the diary of Francis G. Hale, Co. F, 24th Ohio Zouaves]

Last night a bout 8 o clock
there was a house caught
or was set afire a crost
the river it was a two
story store house it soon
was in a blaze there was
no other hous near to
catch from it so they
could not get it out
and it burnt down
it had not been a fire
long till the long roll
beete and we had to
fall in for battle for
we expect an attact.
we marched out in
battle form and
marched out to our
drill groun and
throughed out our men
to com mand and flank
the road we sated for
a considerable time but
there was not report
of sentinels and we was
or dered back to our quarters
be fore the fire broke out
we was have ing a good
time for there was two
men from Waynesville
arived and we was
just enjoying the nuse
whe the word a hous is
afire and the enemy
is coming but they did
not com they are to
cowardly to attacked
us even whe they have
the advantag they will
not stand fire

MSS 13405

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