Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1862 March 1

[from the diary of Charles Hay of Co. H, 23rd Ohio]
Fayetteville, March 1st, 1862.
Since the date of my last entry, there has nothing
transpired in our unusually civil community that I
have thought of such nature as to entitle it to a place
in my dairy. Not that I wish to over estimate the merits
of my book, (if such it has) the opinions written upon
the pages here of being mine, full of blemishes, I must
confess, and weaknesses such as all are heir to. “To
err is human.” Differently constituted as are all of
Adam’s frail children, and dissimilarly situated as we
are, it is to be expected that we will view the same
subject in different lights, & yet be honest in our
opinions, although often caused by prejudicial influences.
This will serve, I hope, as a sort of apology for the
general tenor of my records, & I hope it is satisfactory.
Mud is the most plenteous article here, it
being fully six inches deep, and, as boatmen
say, still rising.
The health of the Regiment continues good.

MSS 13925

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