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1862 March 1, Centreville, Va.

Camp near Centreville
March 1st 1862
Dear Pa
Mr Miller did not succeed
in getting off yesterday and consequently
my note was not sent. I neglected in my
note yesterday to ask you to send me down en
ough leather to half sole my boots and put on
heels. you will please attend to it and have it
sent down as soon as you can conveniently do so.
There is a young man in our company by the
name of Spicer whom I have engaged to mend
Things are rather more quiet than they
were yesterday, but we are still in the dark
as to what move is in anticipation, a very
large quantity of baggage was sent back
to Manassas yesterday.
When did you hear from Walter.
it is rumored here that Gens Jackson & Hill
have united their forces, and intend making
a determined stand some where between
Leesburg and Winchester. I am afraid
Walter and myself can not get in
the same Company, as it seems we are not
to have our preference of the different
arm of the service. Willie Richardson
E Lehew myself and several others
are very anxious to join cavalry.
Mr Miller will hand you a
bundle of dirty clothes, please ask Ma
to have them washed and returned against
we come off picket if she can
possibly do so. we will start on tomorrow
(Sunday) and return Wednesday.

Charles E. Lehew, private and wagoner, Co. B, 17th Virginia
William Richardsson, private. later 3rd Lieutenant, Co. B, 17th Virginia
Richard Bayly Buck, 1844-1888, Co. B of the 17th Virginia, the Warren Rifles.

MSS 3064
MSS 1091

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