Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1862 March 1 Richmond, Va.

[from the diary of Daniel D. Logan, younger brother of General Thomas M. Logan and a Sergt, Co.B., 1st Special Battalion (Rightor's) Louisiana Infantry]

Richmond Friday – March 1st/62
Rose at 8 o’c this morning – after break
-fast – made search with the boy Somer
-ville & found my Valise in an old
lumber room of the Columbian Hotel!
to my great joy – But find my boots,
pants, vests; & other things out of
it. But those most valued – studs,
sleeve buttons, Breast pin & my Small
gold pencil safe – This recovery is
a piece of good luck which I did
not expect – Spent the day shopping – Met Miss
Mary Lloyd & called on Miss Stuart with
her – she was not in – Dined at Mr Harveys, who
sent for my valise, & abused me for not
coming up last night. After dinner called
on Mr Denean Kenner with my letter of
introduction – he promised me to do all he can
for Faries vs. Made an appointment with me
for 10 o’c tomorrow to give me an answer
-Richmond put under Martial law today –

[The following lines are cross-written over the above page.]
To my proposition made to Mr
Benjamin through him – of which
anon. Took tea with Mrs Roy &
spent the hours of nine & ten o’c
in Mrs Harveys parlour – To bed
at 11 ½ o’c –

John D. Harvey’s home in 1860, was on 9th, between Clay and Leigh Street. [R.E.L. Krick]

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