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1862 February 28 Centreville, Va.

Camp near Centreville
February 28th, 1862

Dear Pa:-

This note will be handed to you by Mr. Miller
or Eliza Paterson. I send in the charge of Mr. Miller
(who has been authorized to go to Front Royal to carry
our surplus baggage) a bundle of dirty clothes. Ask Ma
please to have them washed and returned as soon as possi-
ble though in all probablility they will have to be sent
to some other point than Centreville as we have had orders
to send every thing to the rear except what we can carry
upon our backs (two blankets and a change of under clothing).
There are various conjectures as to what point we will move.
Some say to the Valley, some to Leesburg, some to Occoquan,
and goodness knows where else. I think it very doubtful
whether we will leave this place.
Hundreds of rumors are afloat, caused though I
think principally by the order for the removal of all heavy
baggage to the rear, although we are under marching orders.
Mr. Miller will give you all the news respecting our
We hear that there is a strong Federal force
advancing upon Jackson in the neighborhood of Winchester.
I have not received a letter from home since
Scott came down. How are Charley Buck and Scott Roy getting
along? I am very glad that we got them away before this
I must close. Write by Mr. Miller on his return.
Love toall.
YOur affec. son

Richard Bayly Buck, 1844-1888, Warren Rifles, Co. B. of the 17th Virginia. His letters were transcribed and typed by his son George G. Buck at an unknown date. Location of originals unknown]

MSS 1091

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