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1862 February 28 Fort Lafayette

Fort Lafayertte
28 Feb. 1862

Belle Cousine
You see I am pursuing
my reconnaisance of the harbour
defences and fortifications of
the United States, which I
commenced last November--at
present Fort Lafayette is the
object of my attention and I have
come to the conclusion, that it
is a work better adapted for
offensive than defensive purposes.
The grand attack upon New
York so long meditated by Semmes
and Maffitt will be postponed
until I return to Return to Rich-
mond, which I shall do as soon

[page 2]
as I complete my investigations

I have not written to
you before because I was not
in the best of spirits and
because the post office was
rather tardy in delivering my

On my return to Richmond
I was overwhelmed with inqui-
ries with regard to you and
Jennie, particularly, generally and
pegrammatically. I gave loaned your
O.C.K. to Miss Constance. Fred
H. is the Capt. Bob S. of Fran-
lin St. By the way, it is said
that Mr. Harrison & Miss C--
are --- but you need,nt
believe a word of it,for I can
assure you that it is not so.

The night after my
return, there was a grand party

[page 3]
at the Enders' --the only one
given since my departure.
"Mrs Clarks young men"
as usual managed the
affair, Capt Jim Clark being
master of the feast. The attrac-
tive portion of the programme
was the feed--a right glorious,
extensive, various, "intense"
feed. I never saw young la-
dies eat so heartily in my
life--in public. Wilson
and Johnnie were not there
--they had left for Vicksburg.

Mr. Harrison was not
very well, and did not
attend. Miss Jennie Cooper was
there and the Miss Johnstons, I
dont think that you know
any of the other ladies present.
The Nicholases, Harrisons of Brandon,
Tuckers, Vosses, Pegrams, Clarks

[page 4]
& were all well when I left,
Likewise Maj. Norris & Coms
Hollins & Sterritt--the two latter
were very much annoyed
that their wives did not visit
me at For M.

The last sensation in
Richmond was the report
that you and Jennie were
going to return to Richmond.

How is my best of friends
your dear mama? Tell her
that I still have on those
clothes, she sent me and that
they are still in very good order.

Remember me kindly to
your father and brother, give my
love to Mrs. Gittings and Aunt Taylor

What has become
of poor Harry Gilmor?

Write soon, one of you
electrifying, intense letters to

Devotedly y cousin
Reid Saunders

Miss Hettie Cary

"Pegrammatically" is probably a pun on the name of Hettie's beau and future husband, General John C. Pegram

Harrison & Miss C is undoubtedly a reference to Hettie's cousin Constance Cary and her future husband Burton Harrison

MSS 1415

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