Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1862 January 31 Beaver County, Pa.

[from the diary of Charles Hay on leave from the 23rd Ohio]

                                       Beaver Co. Pennsylvania, Jan. 31st., 62
     I got on board the cars yesterday morning at
6 o’clock at Holmesville, Ohio, and fully expected
to be in Wheeling, Va., in 12 hours thereafter, and in
all probability would have been, had it not been
that on my arrival at Wellsville, Ohio, I suddenly
changed my notion, at the same time changing my
course of travel, going from Wheeling, instead of towards
it.  About the time I expected in the morning
to be in Wheeling, I found myself at my uncle’s
some five miles west of New Brighton, after a railroad
ride of 138 miles, and a hard walk of 8 more.
Having never been here before, the family were total
strangers to me, and I was obliged to introduce
myself.  I found them all well and hearty. ~~ I went
to a spelling about a mile off last night, and saw
some specimens of Pennsylvanians, & their conduct, which I
hope will not admit of a general application.
The country here is quite rough and broken, but if I
mistake not, it is a healthy locality. ~~ The weather
is just cold enough today to be pleasant, and the bit of
snow which fell a night or so ago, is fast disappearing
beneath the mild rays of the sun.

[transcription by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13925

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  1. it's a very good idea to learn history, I'm not american but I think that this idea of "150 years ago" can be adapted for many country all around the world, for example Brittany for me :)


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