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1861 September 29 Germantown Virginia

My Dear Creek

I received your very welcome letter of the 21st inst-
I am truly happy to hear that you are well and getting along as
with the crop &c. you say you think that you can spare
three of the Hogs, I think you had better feed them first as
corn is very low this year, and Bacon is going to be very high
I have no doubt you will make most of them by doing so.
I have just got home to camp today from another visit to
our Yankee friends in the neighbourhood of Falls Church
where we have been for several days, so you must excuse me
for the letter being a little longer between times, I wrote you
before I started by Sam Langston, who was to have started
for Anderson, but on my return to camp I found him
still here, he having failed to get his Furlough as soon
he expected so I will send you this by him also as he
starts in the morning.

I am very sorry to hear since my return that Billy
Holland is dangerously Sick of Typhoid Phneumonia
he is at a house about three miles from camp where a
number of our sick are, I went to see him the day we left
here for Falls Church he was than very sick but said he was
a great deal better and as soon as I came got back to camp to write
and let his Father know, but when I got to camp the drums were
Beating to arms and I had to march with the Regiment, so I had
not time to write myself, but told his cousin Elijah (who was
left at Camp) to write to him which he says he did I also left
Sam McCulley behind to nurse him as Billy and him were
always great Friends, But I am very much afraid no earthly help
will now save him, I have not seen him since my return which was
only a few minutes ago, but will go to night if I can get leave from

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camp as long as go [?] I have just seen Dr. Cooley and he says he
has no hopes of his recovery whatever, Elijah Holland has come
from their also and says the same thing, and that Sam McCully
has gone to the Station to Telegraph to his Father, had I been
here myself, I would done so sooner, for I know he will be
very anxious to hear from him, I will however do all in my
power for him and see that he has the best attention that
I can furnish him. Our company has been very lucky
so far but I am afraid that death is going to thin our ranks
at last Another of our men John Hawkins is very low but
Dr. C says he thinks he will now recover several more of them
have been very sick but are all recovering and I think will soon
be able to be about again though it will be a long time before
they will be fit for duty, In the midst of all this sickness
I am still enjoying the best of health which is a great
blessing. Should I be taken sick I will let you know at
once so you can come and stay with me, For I know
you could nurse me better than any one else. I hope
however that you will not be required to come here on such an errand.

I feel like I could write you a long letter but I have not the
time to spare at present; I will write you one tomorrow night
should nothing prevent and send by mail.

Kiss our little angel Maggie and tell her not to eat
to many Chinkapins and make Papas baby sick
William is well he says he will write you some of these days
he is going to write Papa tomorrow, he has just geen in my
tent getting a drink of Brandy after the long march
Good Bye Dear Creek May Heaven Bless and protect you
and grant us a long a speedy and happy meeting

Your affectionate Husband


William Anderson, 4th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers (Palmetto Sharpshooters)

MSS 10366

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