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1861 September 16 Fairfax C. H. [Virginia]

My Darling Wife –
I did not write my
regular Sunday letter to you on yesterday
as usual. After breakfast I left the camp
on duty & did not return until dinner
when very tired I slept a couple of hours.
Very soon I got orders to leave again for
a ride of thirteen miles, & did not get
back until bed time. This morning we
all left for our new encampment
where we are comfortably quartered.
I received your letter of 9th inst a few
days since. Indeed Love the perusal of your
letters gives me more pleasure than I ever
receive from any other source. Should
I not be happy to know there is some
one in the world who loves me so well
and looks with such dear interest to my
fate? To be with you again is the wish

[page 2]
which lies nearest my heart. But the duty
to which my life is now devoted must be met
without shrinking. Before the work is done
many I fear must fall, and I may be
one of the number. If so, I am resigned to
my fate & I bequeath to you our dear little
boys, in full assurance, that you will
give to my country in them true and useful
citizens. I wish Love the prospect were
brighter, but indeed I see no hope of
a speedy end of this bloody contest.
Now Love two or three words about business.
You will need some pork this winter. If
you can get some stock hogs upon fair
terms, do so and put them up to fatten.
If however they cannot be had at a fair price
we can buy the pork this winter. I enclose
a note to Pa, also one to Mat, & to write
them must now bid you good-bye till
my next Sunday letter. The box by Jim came to
hand – say to Phebe her biscuits were very nice.
Remember me kindly to John Fitzgerald & his wife.
Kiss little Mathew & Gala for me & tell them
they must not forget Papa –
Ever yours
E F Paxton

[page 3]
Dear Mat –
I would like for you to bring
me, my Saddle, and have made for me
a suitable bridle.
A pair of heavy boots, legs large enough
up to the knee as to wear outside my
pants – Rollins at Denners knows my measure
I think no 9
A pair of cursimere pants of good quality
blue if you can get it, if not any other
colour with green cord. Lum Baker knows
my measure –
A heavy blanket or comfort if it has
not been sent –
An army overcoat with cape, of any
kind of heavy goods
As to the bills I wont have any money
until our pay roll of Sept 1st is settled
which I think will be soon. Say to Wm
White I will be obliged to him to settle
the bills & I will return it out of the
first money I get – no news Yours Truly
E F Paxton

Elisha F. "Bull" Paxton, University of Virginia alumnus and Confederate general commanding first the 27th Virginia Infantry and later the Stonewall Brigade.

MSS 2165

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