Monday, April 25, 2011

1861 April 23d Richmond, Va.

My dear Sir:

This letter will be handed to you
[[by?] Mr Harris, and I desire that you will re
[port?] to me, the true state of things, in the
[loc]ality of your command. Let me know
[w]hat is the state of feeling amongst the
[pe]ople--what number of troops you have
[an]d the number of efficient and reliable
[m]en--what is doing towards the fortifi-
[ca]tion at the White House--whether any
thing has been done in the way of observa
tion on our side of the Potomac, by our en
emies. I desire full information on all
matters of interest. Send me a report
by Mr Harris.

The President of the Road will pass
Mr Harris on the road, and permit
his return to this city

I am truly
yr friend
John Letcher
P. St. Geo. Cocke
Brig General

[This letter previously pasted in a scrapbook. Left margin partially ripped off when removed.]

MSS 640

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