Monday, April 25, 2011

[1861 April 24]

To the Hon John Letcher
Governor of Virginia

Sir--I take the first moment
of my arrival in the city to tender to you
my services in defence of Virginia; and
now that the time is upon us when all her
true people should rally to protect her
soil against the polluting footprints
of the userpers I beg leave to offer
thro her Executive the use of my
whole private property whenever it
is needed in the second great
battle which it appears must be
fought to secure the rights &
liberties of her people- and I ask
to be placed in some position of ser-
vice where I may do what I can

[page 2]
to aid in securing her defences.

I learn today the commissions
of the militia offices are to be
vacated upon ordinance--and if
the commission I hold shall
thus be recalled, I ask authority
thro your excellency's influence
to raise ^'enlist' without delay a regiment
to go into the service of Virginia
and a commission from the
[?] department that shall
give strength & force to the

very respectfuly

[unsigned draft; in the hand of Charles Cary Cocke]

MSS 640

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