Monday, August 29, 2011

1861 August 29 Camp of the 5th M[ain]e

[letter of Hiram Cash a private in the 5th Maine continues]

We have been detaled to day to go out and
guard the axmen in their work of destroying the
woods about here but it rains very hard, and I do
not think we shall go out the axmen have made
great havock among the trees about here one man
offered 5,000 dollars if they would stop cutting down
the woods he is a southern simpathizer and they
do not pay any attention to him we are enjoying
ourselves first rate the health of the regt is very good.
thoes thatar have been sick are gaining in health and
spirits. There will be stiring news on this side of the
Potomac soon I think according to appearances before
a great while the report is tha tthe army is preparing to
make a movement somewhare but I do not know
where it will be and there is but a few that does

[to be continued on August 30]

MSS 12916

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