Sunday, August 28, 2011

[1861] Aug[ust] 28 [Camp of the fifth M[ain]e Regt

[letter of Hiram Cash continues]

nothing of importance took place today I
with four others of our company went to the fort
to work there was 40 men out of our regt up there and
as many New York boys with us we have got the job
about compleated we have been making a place to
protect the men in case of battle there is a report today
of the advance of a large body of our troops twords
Manassas Juncktion well supplied with artillery and cavelry
we have been looking for a battle to take place here every
day of late but it does not like like it now.

[to be continued]

Hiram D. Cash, Co. K, 5th Maine

MSS 12916

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