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1861 August 28 Germantown Fairfax Ct Va

My Dear Wife

I recieved your very welcome letter by W. D.
Wilkes yesterday, and was very happy to hear of your welfare, I also
recieved the socks and shirt &c all right, you ought to see me with
my hat trimmed off with the palmettos you sent me, I have the
brim of it looped up on the left side with the star, and the cockade
on the front, I could not decide which of the two was the
prettiest and so put them both on, I have also a nice black
Feather which Dugan found on the Battlefield and gave to me
every body wants the palmettoes from me they all say they are the
prettiest ones they ever saw, I wrote you some days ago aabout the
new uniforms for myself and company let me know as soon as
possible whether you think there can be enough of jeans got for
it or not, Mr. Breazeale is busy now taking the measures of
all the men and will start home this week, he will cut my
suit for you and make the coat My Drawrs were very hard
up some time ago, but the day after the Battle I found a large box in one
of the yankee waggons filled with fine grey woollen drawers
and home knit woollen socks, so I helped myself to two pairs
of each so I am very well of for them at present, they were all new
and never had been unpacked the men got the balance of them
I told Sloman to tell you what kind of shirts I wanted if you
cant get the flannel at home, I will tell Breazele to get some

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of the right sort at Richmond and bring it to you I think I have
socks enough to do me all winter, make me some kind of a warm
cap to sleep in, in the cold weather, should I think of anything
else before Breazeale starts I will write by him.

Their is nothing new in camp today except that A part
of Genl. Longstreets Brigade had a skirmish with some
of the enemy yesterday in the neighbourhood of Falls
church, killing two of them wounding five and taking
ten prisoners, when they retreated towards Alexandria,
there was two killed on our side, our Brigade were ordered
to hold themselves in readiness but did not march our
services not being required, we have very disagreeable weather
here at present it rains nearly all the time and our camp
is getting very mudy and comfortless but the men who
are here are all in fine spirits, and anxious to give the
yankees another sound thrashing and get back home
I think if we could do that we would all get home pretty soon,
The health of our Regiment dont improve much, but I dont
think it gets any worse, I dont hear of many dangerous
cases, all that I can hear from of my company are improving
and expect to be at their posts soon, William is in good
health and stands it finely, he got his box all safe
the wine was a most acceptable present and we shall keep
it in case of sickness, it is very much needed here at present
as soon as you kill any Beeff I want ou to dry me some
and send it by some one who is coming out, it would be a
fine thing to cary when we are on the march and cant
get our provisions cooked, and you know I am very fond

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of it anyhow, their is a great many little nick nacks
that I sometimes want but I have to console myself that I
fare as well as my fellow soldiers and as without them, it will
teach us all to appreciate the comforts of home when we get
back, and think more of our wives and firesides,

I am so happy to hear that our dear little Maggie is getting so
smart, how I do long to get back to you both and assist you
in teaching her her little lessons, I often look at your likenesses
till I fancy that you are both beside me, I dreamed last
night that you were here that I saw you standing with her
in your arms on a high Piazia in front of a House and as I
walked up the street you pointed me out to her and she stretched
out er little arms, and called me so sweet, that it woke me
up, only to be disappointed, by finding it all a dream, I
do hope this war will soon come to a close and let us all back
to the loved ones at home,

I wrote Jink a few days ago which I hope he has recieved
tell him to write me soon, and give me all the news, I have a
pretty good supply of paper and envelopes yet which I got
from the yankee plunder but it is pretty scarce in the camp
Give my kindest Regards to all of our friends and
neighbours, kiss our little angel, for me and reserve my
kindest love for yourself, and believe me your
ever Devoted Husband,

William sends his love to you all

William Anderson, 4th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers (Palmetto Sharpshooters)

MSS 10366

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