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1861 March 5 Norfolk and Petersburg R.R. Co., Suffolk, Va.

H.L. Hopkins Esq.
Atty &c. Petersburg, Va.

Dear Sir,
Your favor of the 23d ulto.
came duly to hand, but in the mean time
have been absent for several days, or wd
then promptly have it my attention.
I am aware that the late Dr. Spencer render'd
continued and important medical treatment
to one James Whitney, who was at the time
in the employ of this Company as a hireling
but I am no aware of this Companys respon-
sibility for such services, beyond perhaps, Dr.
Spencers first visit in the case.

I had previous occasion to examine into

[page 2]
the circumstances...connected with
this matter and I find them to be these --
the Boy Whitney in a negro, but of a white
woman. at the time was hired by the year
of his mother, to whom was given the Compys
Bond for the amo. thereof. This Bond in the
meant time was traded off and has since
been paid by the Company.

The Boy was employed as Fireman upon the
Road and was run over by a part of
a train of cars to which he was at the time
attached, and severely injured. When the
accident occurred Dr. Spencer was sent for
by our agent Wm. M. Gordon Esq of
Petersbrg. Mr. Gordon informed Dr. Spencer on this
and subsequently that the Boy was
a Free-Boy. Immediately after the accident
and until the recovery of the boy his mother

[page 3]
was with him, receiving and carrying out
the instructions of Dr. S.

Under these circumstances and facts of the
case, I do not understand that this Road
is responsible to Doctor Spencer's estate,
beyond, perhaps, the extent I have already
indicated herein. It was not designed
or authorized by any proper officers
of the compy that the Road should be----

I am gratified at your very
kind and complimentary reference to the
memory of my wifes parents, as she is as
well, and of your friendly remembrances
of her -- I shall esteem it a pleasure to
make your acquaintance the first oppor-
tunity I may have: and shall be happy to
see you at my home whenever you are in
this city. yrs. truly &c.

MSS 7749-g
William Mahone

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