Monday, February 28, 2011

1861 Feby 23d Washington

My dear friend,

I have not written
in reply to your last note because
your post office has escaped my
memory. I have been hoping from
day to day to meet some Virginian
who could give it to me. It has
just been suggested that you will
certainly find a note sent to
the exchange Hotel -- so I
adopt that course--

I believe the emi-
nent personage of whom you
wrote to be a Northern man in

[page 2]
all his feelings. Especially political,
& that he knows as little of the
nature of our general government
as of human nature -- I think
that he would prefer the strongest
form of government.

What will our convention do?
I regret infinitely the separation
division I mean of the Southern
States -- A large northern party seems
determined to rewrite them-

The president elect aston-
ished the inhabitants of Wash-
ington by arriving at six this
morning--Why did he permit
no procession in Baltimore?
His first visit, a very early one,
is said to have been paid to

[page 3]
Genl. Scott-

It is seems to be thought
here that the republicans are
dividing on the Southern question-
as to coercion or not. The public
has not learned which is the
party of the new president.
Very truly yours
J. E. Johnston

Col. Cocke

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