Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1861 January 11 Fort Wise K.T.

[To Major Henry Hill]

Dear Major:
Your kind favors
from West Point & also
from New York, were read
yesterday. I am deeply
grateful to you for the
news you wrote from West
Point particularly as apppli
cable to Wm R's applica-
tion for leave. The subjects
alluded to ^'by' you of a financial
and national character are
of the deepest interest to
me more particularly
the latter. For my part
I have had no hesitancy
from the first that, right
or wrong, alone or otherwise,
I go with Virginia and
I know very well where to
find you. Of course every

[p. 2]
true patriot deplores
even the possibility of
disunion, yet let its blessings
not be purchased at too
great a price. Put equality
and independence in one
scale and the Union in
the other, and if the latter
outweigh the former, I for
one would like Brennus
throw my sabre in the scale
consecrated by the Principles
& blood of our forefathers
--our constitutional rights
without which the union
is a mere mockery.
I am anxious to be nearer
the scene of operations -- I
do not believe there is har-
mony enough of feeling
to bind up the wounds
already inflicted--when

[p. 3]
Va takes her step, though
reluctant, it will be
sudden and irrevocable.
Gen'l Scott refused my leave
without forwarding it to
the Secy. it must have been
a mistake -- can you have
it corrected & granted--
you ought to take better care
of your friends at Head
Quarters. Dr F.B. Culver
an old friend of yours is
here as special agent of
Indians -- I like him very
much - but who we have
some jokes on him that
would give you appoplexy
to hear. so I will spare
Love to Mrs Hill
yours sincerely
J.E.B. Stuart